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About us

History of The Head Shed:

The first Head Shed "For The Unique You!" Was opened August 8, 1974 by David Glowacki in Toledo, Ohio. We carried incense, jewelry and smoking accessories. The Head Shed grew rapidly in the early years and after being operational for less than a year, they had the opportunity to purchase a record store which was having partnership difficulties. Extending themselves to buy that inventory meant risking everything they had worked for, but it proved to be a prudent investment as records and tapes became the real drawing card needed to expand further.  
The Head Shed has since become on of the most popular counter culture shops in Ohio! We now carry thousands of specialty items, including hookahs & tobacco accessories, incense and oils, t-shirts, hats, hippy wear & purses, disc golf discs & accessories, body jewelry, drinking games, rock n' roll gifts, posters, tapestries, beaded curtains, and lighting accessories. The Head Shed currently has 4 locations in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, in addition to cybershed.com.